Alistair McCreath is an experienced finance professional who provides expertise and insight on one of the most exciting areas for property investment: Detroit, Michigan.

Alistair first entered the burgeoning real estate industry in Detroit seven years ago and has since firsthand witnessed its growth as a formidable power player amongst some of the most influential businesses and investors in the United States and South Africa. Its previous economic turmoil and instability is currently being addressed via infrastructure upgrades, industry injections, government funding and more. As the city is renovated over the next few years to come, its economy is going to receive a serious boost– and there is no better time to invest in Detroit’s properties than now, while they are still very affordably priced.

A real estate principal who founded his own consultancy in 1999, Alistair McCreath is a believer in “doing homework” when it comes to investment decisions. Locations are often ignored or underutilized due to unfortunate reputations or simple lack of foresight, and no place exemplifies this quite like Detroit. However, the truth is that property ROI is better in Metro Detroit than the average city,& can be highly affordable and highly profitable.

Alistair McCreath previously owned with FBC Group Pty Ltd, a group which was established on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. FBC specialized in creating positive cash flows for its clients, and providing investment opportunities within the up-and-coming city of Detroit to make this a reality.

Now Alistair focuses on his company, Wealth Today, and continues to share valuable insights on profitable markets for real estate investment. Keep up with this website to learn about the latest updates and milestones in Detroit.